How to Transfer a Braille Bible

There are several very descriptive videos on using the NLS Humanware e-Reader , but here's one on File management including transferring files.

How to get a Bartimaeus electronic Braille file into the book reader


First download the desired Bible onto your PC and copy it to the SD card that you are using with the e-Reader.


1. Insert the SD card with the file to be copied

2. Located File Manager by entering F

3. Spacebar-D for storage and Thum-keyed over to my SD

4. ENTER key to access the SD card

5. Located the file to be copied by entering first letter, in this case N for NKJV

6. Backspace-C to copy to clipboard

7. Spacebar-E to exit

8. Entered S to go back to Storage and ENTER

9. Finally, Selected Books and Backspace-V to paste.

Enjoy your new Bible!

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