My Brother, please explain to me
And try to make it plain,
Why anyone from sin set free
Should want those chains again?
They bind you in a state of death
And render weak the strong,
Explain to me how peace of mind
You find when you've done wrong.

You say, "I feel so miserable!
That somehow all is lost!"
Then, let me remind you, you were bought!
Don't you forget the cost!
The blood of Jesus was the price,
It saves and keeps you clean,
His righteousness now does suffice,
He is your go between.

You say, "I cannot understand!
The truth I'm not receiving!"
Go back! Obey His first commands!
The ones that speak of living.

When you believed, you died with Christ,
Now then, you're risen too!
So take your mind from old desires--
And fill it now with new.
The Spirit is the only one
Who can your flesh subdue,
Provide a channel for the Son
To live His life in you.

Can you despise such help from God?
His power and grace reject?
The loving Father wields the rod--
What else should you expect?
The Father wants you here below
To reflect what's above,
The fruit of light your life to show
Bound with the chains of love--

Love's chains are never hard to bear,
I tell you, for I know--
They lead you, feed you, rest you where
The living waters flow--
'Tis there you'll understand much more,
Know peace and joy within--
As you reject sin's lying lure
For fellowship with Him.


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