Bartimaeus Alliance of the Blind, Inc.


April 15, 2014

     Want to learn Hebrew for free?  Teaching Hebrew to  the blind carries
many unique difficulties.  For this reason, Ray McAllister, PhD, is
developing an experimental distance education, college-level course to teach
Hebrew to the blind.  Anyone who is blind or seriously visually impaired and
who has little or no functional knowledge of Hebrew is welcome to do this.
The course is taught with text files, sound files, and braille files.  All
that will be asked of the student is regular participation and feedback to
guide the course development.  While this cannot officially yet be available
for college credit, a student might possibly go through a course like this
as part of an independent study course at a college or university.  For more
information on being part of this ground-breaking work, please, contact 
Dr. Ray McAllister at or (269) 471-7422. 

Ray McAllister, PhD
Adjunct Professor - Religion and Biblical Studies
Phone: 269-471-7422