Goals For The Ministry
Bartimaeus Alliance of the Blind, Incorporated

With the advance of the computer generation, it is now possible to provide greater amounts of reading material in Braille for the blind and deaf-blind. It is the goal of the Bartimaeus Alliance to provide via our online libraries as well as to translate Christian reference and study aids into Braille ready files for use by blind persons who are qualified and able to access our braille library as well as print libraries via the internet or have at their disposal a Braille printer. As additional funds become available, BABINC will also endeavor to provide hardcopy, paper Braille, to those individuals who do not have computer access.

Our FREE Public Domain and qualified members Christian Bookshare library sections are continuing to grow as well. The "LINKS" page will also provide access to many other online websites containing articles, books, and other informative materials.


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