How You Can Help
Bartimaeus Alliance of the Blind, Incorporated

By Telling -- About Our Website and Bible Conference!

Maybe you know of someone who would benefit from and enjoy the Bartimaeus Bible Conference. Tell them about it! Better yet, come with them, and bring a friend, too!

By Sponsoring

There are many blind or deaf-blind people in your area who could benefit from, and would enjoy attending, the Bartimaeus Bible Conference, but are unable to afford either part or all of the cost. Perhaps you or someone you may know would want to make a contribution towards helping someone attend this camp.

There are also others who freely give of their time and ability as volunteers and workers for the campers, such as those described below. There is a marvelous opportunity for many to get involved whose limited funds might otherwise prevent them from sharing in this unique experience (such as teenagers, or retirees). Sponsoring these folks would be a blessing as well. If the Lord should lay it upon your heart to help in this manner it would be greatly appreciated.

By Prayer!

* Pray that the leadership would be under the direction of the Holy Spirit;
* That all who wish to attend may be able to do so the blind, the deaf-blind and the sighted volunteers and workers;
* That the good news of salvation will have a clear presentation to those in need;
* That the Christians in attendance will be encouraged and strengthened in their spiritual walk;
* For the safety and health of all the speakers and campers.

By Attending

* As a volunteer guide: Many people each year attend similar camps, and by offering a friendly elbow to another they minister to the body of Christ;
* As a typist for the deaf-blind transcribing the spoken messages; (Signing is also helpful at other times);
* As a nurse--providing your special skills and comfort--just in case.

Although the camp is focused toward ministering to the blind or visually impaired, the preaching of the word and application of spiritual truths is the same for all kinds of folk, and you can expect to receive spiritual benefit should you decide to attend for any reason. No doubt you will hear some good music, some great testimonies, and laugh a lot, too! You may even make a new friend or two along the way!

By Driving!

Not too many blind folks have a valid drivers license--
Perhaps you could make your car or van (and some time) available to provide rides to and/or from the camp.

Editing and/or Proofreading

Preparation of print and braille materials for the online libraries, including scanning, proof reading of the finished product, and purchase of materials for hardcopy production take a lot of time and some funding. Perhaps you would like to contribute in some way to this ministry. If so, you can send a letter to Bartimaeus Alliance of the Blind Inc. ATTN: Mike Martin, 923 Berkshire Ct. Escondido, CA 92025-5920 or phone 760-739-1360 Click Here to Email Mike Martin. This also will help to build our online Public Domain library.

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