How You Can Help
Bartimaeus Alliance of the Blind, Incorporated

By Telling -- About Our Website and Bible study resources!

By Prayer!

(P> * Pray that the leadership would be spirit-led to make the appropriate Bible study resources available.(BR) * Pray that the users of the resources made possible thru this web site would grow spiritually.
* Pray that our transcribers would be able to convert all of the necessary Greek and Hebrew aids in formats that are useful to the blind / deaf-blind for their pocational, or accademic study of the Word.(BR) * Pray that others would be led to provide financial support to enable this web site to continue, and to fund the transcription of Greek and Hebrew grammars, and other books.(BR)

Editing and/or Proofreading

Preparation of print and braille materials for the online libraries, including scanning, proof reading of the finished product, and purchase of materials for hardcopy production take a lot of time and some funding. Perhaps you would like to contribute in some way to this ministry. If so, you can send a letter to Bartimaeus Alliance of the Blind Inc. ATTN: Mike Martin, 923 Berkshire Ct. Escondido, CA 92025-5920 or phone 760-739-1360 Click Here to Email Mike Martin. You can also make your tax-deductable donation via Pay Pal by clicking here. This will help to build our online library.

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