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How About Organic Booze?
by Andy Bustanoby
(C) March 3, 2007

   My wife, who has been having some medical problems, has had all kinds of
   advice on diet that is supposed to help her problems.  A major one has
   been "organic foods."

   We have been trying everything from the stores that promote organic
   food, said to be superior to non-organic foods.  These organic foods are
   not supposed to have unnatural additives, or if animal products, the
   animals are not raised with unhealthful hormones.  And then, too, there's
   a higher price, which makes me wonder if this, perhaps, is not the real
   push to sell organic.

   This got me to thinking about alcoholic drinkers who might be interested
   in a healthier drink.  How about organic booze?  Back in the old days the
   Kentucky mountain-men gave us the most natural booze you could imagine--
   alcohol produced on home-built stills that gave us home-grown, natural,
   organic booze.  They used naturally grown corn and other grains.

   Here's a thought to the alcohol producers of America.  How about organic
   booze?  Can't you see it on the shelves of food stores selling other
   organic products?

   No?  Well, maybe not.

                                    # # #

  P.S.  . . . I'm wrong again!  Grant Metcalf has found   It says there are no
   "side-effects" if you drink "sensibly."  Please, no letters.  This
   is not an endorsement. My blog was intended to be a joke--particularly
   after you read my upcoming essay on April 10 called, "More Holy
   Confusion" on organic diets. -- Andy Bustanoby

   (_; Right! ;_) -- GEM

                                    # # #

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