It is hoped that you will find the articles and books, linked to this page to be both interesting and challenging. We believed that all of them are in the public domain. If you have evidence to the contrary, please email us with that information.

Since the materials offered here have primarily been scanned and edited by volunteer help, the Bartimaeus Alliance of the Blind, Inc., does not guarrantee error free nor exact reproductions of original publications. (occationally, Roman numerals have been converted to Arabic numerals for easier pronunciation by screen reading programs.)

As more and more authors, articles, books, and sermons are added to the list, do check back from time-to-time to see what's new and let us know if you find what is offered to be beneficial.


Articles By Grant E. Metcalf
In The Country of The Blind
From The Pigpen To The Throne Room
Is Orville Right?
What Do You Think?
Consider Yourself
The Fruitful Walk
Fightin' Words
Do Absolutes Actually Exist In Reality?
The Trading Post
What Is God
What About Church?
From Dust to Glory: Psalm 119:25-32
Poetry: Personal Perspectives from Passion Week
CHANGE, a poem
We Have Something Better: A hymn poem by Janice McPherson. It can be sung to the same tune as "Like A River Glorious".
The Body: What Is It? -- Revised September 2009: A paper examining the meaning of the term "body" in First Corinthians 11:24, 27 and 29. This paper was presented at the April 2008 Dispensational Theological Forum in Cherry Grove, Oregon. It should provide some food for thought. Click on the next link to get the revised MS-Word document for printing.
The Body: What Is It? A 17 page booklet in MS-Word document format you can download and print.
The Body: What Is It? in Braille format -- 40-cpl, 25-lpp, 42 pages.
Salvation Defined: a brief, but comprehensive, overview/outline of the "Salvation Gospel" written by Richard Schafer.
The Comforting Hope of An Intermediate Body by Richard L. Schafer. Here is an article which will help you understand the state of the Christian who experiences physical death prior to the Rapture. Also available in the Braille Library section.
"TRINITARIANISM: An outline of the doctrine handed out in a Theology Proper class--very helpful.
"TRINITARIANISM: The above outline with Scripture verse quotations included.
The Danger of Reformed Theology To Baptists -- This is a paper presented in the early 1980's at a Dispensational Theological Forum by Dr. H. LaVern Schafer. Footnote reference numbers in the text and listed at the end of the paper under Sources Consulted are preceded by an Asterisk.
Audible Bible studies -- These originally taped recordings, now in mp3 format, were made during the Evening School of the Bible, 1983, sponsored by Valley Baptist Church of Cherry Grove, Oregon and the Dispensational Theological Seminary. The teacher is H. LaVern Schafer, Th.D. More than 30 are posted here in individual zip files. Topics included so far: Christian Life Series, Christology Series, and Satan and Demons Series.

Sermons: Synopses and Outlines by David K. Spurbeck

Practical Relationships Because Jesus Christ came. A Christmas message.
Christmas was a Jewish holiday -- This is an article written by Pastor Spurbeck in the 1980's and published at that time.
What Is Good About the Good News? A message delivered on Resurrection Sunday


You will find this series of messages built on the passive voice verbs related to grace salvation to be not only instructive but a great encouragement. Audio links also included. The following excerpt is a paragraph taken from synopsis 26.
"When I was determining the title for this series some months ago, I was tempted to come up with a catchy title. The title I have in my research is 'The Passive Voice and the Tenses of Grace Salvation.' The headers I have used on my outlines are the shorter 'Passives and Grace Salvation.' As I have noted, the emphasis is upon the use of passive voice verbs used related to the Christian's salvation. This early section on the subject has related to verbs in the passive voice that are clearly tied to the Christian's being in Christ Jesus as a result of the baptism of the Holy Spirit in initial salvation. The Christian is passive in the provisions of grace for all tenses of salvation. God actively has done the work by grace with the Christian being the recipient. The passive voice verbs counter much of what is being taught in Christendom today. This involves many theological systems accepted by evangelical and fundamental churches. Many are determined for the believer to have some role in receiving salvation while claiming it is all of grace. Without divine intervention every human being would be and remain unsaved. This is true of past, present and future tense salvation. God did not save a Christian so that he or she could live out salvation by his or her own efforts in any way. This is the reason that this series is so important for all true Christians."


BABINC has posted this series of sermon synopses and outlines on "The Rapture" convinced that when properly understood and included in a Christian's personal belief system it will make a difference in how he or she views and prepares for the future return of the Lord Jesus Christ.


This brief, insightful series on Christian Rest is contrasted with the Old Testament rest of Israel in her land. These studies should help you appreciate the possession of rest available to the grace believer.

Permitting an Internal Reality to Become a Real Appearance in the Grace Christian Life -- Mini Series


An Expository series of messages in First Peter

Second Peter: A series of expository messages from Peter's Second Epistle.


The following list of sermon synopses and outlines on the Holy Spirit was an extended series lasting more than two years. You will find over 100 messages altogether. Some subdivisions are also listed below.

Is The Holy Spirit God? A series of messages on the Person and essence of the Holy Spirit.
Living Resurrection Life: a series of messages on the work of the Holy Spirit in present tense salvation
A series of messages on "the Filling of the Holy Spirit" based on Ephesians 5:18.
Review of the Will of God: 3 Outlines. BABINC offers these 3 outlines from Pastor Spurbeck's messages, certain that you will find them valuable in your study on the topic of "the will of God."
Utterances Against Satanic Attack -- This list of "Sword of the Spirit" Scripture verses provides a wonderful guideline to the mental preparation for answering all kinds of Satanic attacks. It was created as a bulletin insert and has proven quite popular.
Utterances Against Satanic Attack -- MS-Word Document format.

Check here for five monographs relating to sharing the Gospel. These include monographs 1, "God's Gospel for Salvation", 2, "Unless You Have Believed in Vain", 3, "Misleading Leading Questions", 4, "The Role of the Gospel in Salvation" and 5, "An Eternally Embarrassing Situation" all which can be read here online. All 5 monographs can be found in the Braille Library sectionas well.

A series of small books with articles by numerous authors introducing a variety of subjects intended to stimulate your interest in spiritual growth -- based on a literal method of biblical interpretation.

Click here to see an index listing past publications of the DISPENSATIONAL BRIEFS. Articles have been written by Professors and graduates of the Dispensational Theological Seminary.
2010 Dispensational Theological Forum: papers and recorded presentations posted on the Valley Baptist new website.

Getting Grace: How God Teaches Us About His Grace -- This brief study by Timothy C. Hoelscher will help you understand and appreciate even more what the true believer has because of God's Grace!
(C) Copyright Timothy C. Hoelscher, 2007. All rights reserved:
John 14:20 Publishing, Royal City, WA:
(Presented here with special permission of the Author.)
Click here for the author's home page: You will also find many other written and recorded materials on the Grace Teaching web pages.
Getting Grace: How God teaches us About His Grace in a braille formatted file. 202 braille pages, 25-lpp and 40-cpl.
God's House Plans: A Study of Dispensations, Ages and Covenants
(C) Copyright Timothy C. Holscher, 2008. All rights reserved:
John 14:20 Publishing, Royal City, WA:
(Presented here with special permission of the Author.)
God's House Plans in two braille volumes, stored in a zipped file.
Reading Revelation: by Timothy Hoelscher. A brief but simple guide with outline for reading the last book of the Bible.
Link to the author's teaching series on the Book of Revelation
Reading Revelation: by Timothy Hoelscher in a zipped braille ready file: 25-lpp, 40-cpl.

The Basis of the Premillennial Faith by Charles C. Ryrie. Also found in the Braille Library section.

What Is Dispensationalism? This is a link to an article by Thomas Ice. Dispensational Hermeneutics by Thomas Ice.
You will find many more articles by him at the following link:
The Thomas Ice Collection.


Lewis Sperry Chafer Books and Articles found here
Link to 25 recorded Lectures on the Spiritual Life by Dr. Lewis Sperry Chafer.

Studies in the Gospel According to Matthew by Eugene Schuyler English. EXCELLENT!
Also in a zipped textfile format.
The Rapture by E. Schuyler English: This is a zipped ASCII text file.
The Rapture by E. Schuyler English in mp3 zipped file.

Harry A. Ironside Books and Articles
Link to Romans Verse by Verse: William R. Newell
William R. Newell's "Hebrews Verse-by-Verse
Link to Kept From The Hour by Gerald B. Stanton
Link to The Coming Prince by Sir Robert Anderson.
So Great Salvation by J.F. Strombeck. If you want to know what it's all about, read this book.
You will find five of J.F. Strombeck's books in .HTML format on our Christian Bookshare members only page. Also, the book titled "First the Rapture" has been posted in the Braille Library section.
So Great Salvation: J.F. Strombeck, .PDF link found on the Baptist Bible Believers' website.
Rightly Dividing The Word Of Truth by C.I. Scofield
Two Men, Two Acts, Two Results: The Gospel According to Paul by J.A. Youngberg. Concise and thorough--a must read. This small volume cuts right to the chase in its explanation of the lost condition of mankind and the Good News concerning Jesus Christ. The author's grasp and concise description of God's plan of salvation for the human race is presented in a clear, straightforward manner based solely on Scripture. For the believer, it is a helpful tool and guideline for understanding the elements of his/her own saving faith and what to share with those who need salvation. For the unbeliever, it accurately details God's gracious means of salvation for a failed, condemned and otherwise helpless sinner. In the Bible Matthew quotes Jesus as He describes "two ways" through life in this world. All of us entered this world on the broad path that leads to destruction. Two Men, Two Acts, Two Results" shows how a person is able to escape from the way to eternal punishment and follow the straight and narrow path to life eternal with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
Two Men, Two Acts, Two Results: The Gospel According to Paul by J.A. Youngberg in a zipped ASCII text file.
Two Men, Two Acts, Two Results formatted in a Word 2003 Document ready for printing on 8.5 by 11 pages and zipped.
John--His Record of Christ by W.E. Vine
LIFE ON THE HIGHEST PLANE -- The Person And Work of Christ by Ruth Paxson. This is the first in a three volume series.
LIFE ON THE HIGHEST PLANE -- The Relation Between Christ and the Christian by Ruth Paxson. This is the second in a three volume series.
LIFE ON THE HIGHEST PLANE -- The Believer's Response to the Holy Spirit's Inworking by Ruth Paxson. This is the third in a three volume series.
All three volumes of Life On the Highest Plane in ASCII text format and zipped.

Baptist Bible Believers: You can find numerous books and authors, et cetera, listed here alphabetically and by topic.
Definitions of words relating to mysticism
Easton's Bible Dictionary in text format and saved in a zip file.
Smith's Bible Dictionary in text format and saved in a zip file.
Hitchcock's Bible Names Dictionary
Animals of the Bible
Plants of the Bible

Other Online Book Links and More

Bible Study Manuals: Links to a large number of study tools along with interesting and stimulating insights.
Bible Centre: links to E-books and Bible commentaries plus
Christian Classics Etherial Library: Lots of books and authors in a variety of formats available here for reading online or downloading
The Online Bible USA: Excellent resource materials
Strong's Concordance may be accessed here.
Link to text version of Synonyms of the New Testament by Richard C. Trench.
ParallelGreek New Testament by John Hurt. You will find several Greek versions as well as English versions of each verse. There is a whole lot more on this site, but you will have to determine how helpful it can be to you.
Westcott-Hort Greek New Testament. This has been prepared by Maurice A. Robinson, originally for the Online Bible, and has a comparative apparatus to the Nestles-Alland 26th UBS edition. Be sure to check the different letters used to transliterate the Greek to English. Also posted on the Greek Tools page is a braille coded version of these files.

Lying For God
What Adventists Knew
And When They Knew It!
Download this New 6th Edition, PDF E-book, October 19, 2011. Authored by Kerry Wynne, William Hohmann, and Robert K. Sanders. This 6th edition E-Book consists of over 10,000 hours of research. It contains four books with 222 pages.
Lying For God contains a massive amount of new information and documentation. This is a must read for you and to send to your SDA friends.

Shadows of Good Things contents: a book by Russell Byrum on types

The Christian "In Christ": An Introduction to "In Christ" Truth by David K. Spurbeck, Sr. This book has also been posted in the Braille Library. It is an exhaustive study of the "In Christ" references found in the New Testament. Absolutely essential reading. Here is a list of the various Sections and subtitles in the book:
The Idea of "Into" -- The Isolation of Spirit Baptism as the Action -- The Induction of the Individual into Christ
-- The Involvement "into" the Death of Christ -- The Incentive for Spiritual Growth.
The Recognition of One's Position -- The Recognition of One's Possessions
SECTION III: COMMUNION "TOGETHER" IN THE CHRIST Sharing Together in Position -- Sharing Together in Possessions -- Sharing Together in the Future

ME! A PRIEST? by David K. Spurbeck Sr. Pastor Spurbeck has given BABINC the unique and special privilege of posting this indepth study on the "priesthood" of the New Testament believer here in an HTML format for your benefit. It is a must read for everyone who has a desire to grow spiritually in their relationship to God. We ask that you please observe the copyright restrictions.
The print edition of the book contains 684 pages and can be purchased for $29.95 ,including shipping, from:


Please include your check or money order with your request. It is also in the
works that the book will soon be available in and EPUB format for reading on
a Kindle type device from Amazon.
To download a digital braille file of "Me! A Priest?" in zip format click here. It contains 7 volumes ready for embossing on 11 by 11.5 paper.

Fiction Books

IN THE TWINKLING OF AN EYE By Sydney Watson Copyright, 1921, by Bible Institute of Los Angeles
Both Braille and Text Formats contained in a zip file.
This is a good account of the rapture, but keep in mind this is a work of fiction.

The Mark of the Beast By Sydney Watson Copyright, 1918, by Bible Institute of Los Angeles
Text Format contained in a zip file. This is a work of fiction

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