On this page you will find many links to books and articles by and about Lewis Sperry Chafer, founder and President of Dallas Seminary. It is our hope and prayer that you will find strength, comfort, and Holy Spirit directed guidance and growth as you thoughtfully read and digest the contents of these pages.
For the reading disabled, you will also find Chafer's Systematic Theology on the Christian Bookshare page

Books by Lewis Sperry Chafer

SALVATION: click here to read this classic online
Download a zipped version of Salvation
True Evangelism: or, Winning Souls by Prayer - This book will make you think.
True Evangelism in zipped format

GRACE: Download this plain ASCII text in a 200-kb zipped file, or
Read GRACE online here.
This is a marvellous treatment of the subject of "grace" by the founder of Dallas Seminary and a careful reading of the book should provide a multitude of spiritual blessings and provokative challenges to one's understanding of the Christian life experience. It is expected that you will find this resource of great benefit as you devour the truths contained in it.

HE THAT IS SPIRITUAL: Read this insightfully unique book about the Christian's relationship to God online. Or, download an ASCII text file in zipped format.
He That Is Spiritual zipped
You can also link to a braille edition of He That Is Spiritual by Lewis Sperry Chafer by clicking Here. It is formmated with 25-lpp and 40-cpl, 237 braille pages in one volume.
Satan: click here to read this book online or download a zipped copy here SATAN ZIPped
The Kingdom in History and Prophecy. Biblical reference numbers have been converted from Roman numerals for easier listening with a screen reader.
Also available in braille format.
The Kingdom in History and Prophecy zipped
Link to a chapter by chapter version of "The Kingdom in History and Prophecy on the Berean Bible Ministries Home Page.
The Ephesian Letter Doctrinally Considered: Lewis Sperry Chafer. Read this historic series of studies online.
The Ephesian Letter zip
DISPENSATIONALISM by Lewis Sperry Chafer: An enlightening treatise on the subject You can download a zipped ASCII text here. or check the Braille Library.
Major Bible Themes by Lewis Sperry Chafer: A great tool for Sunday school teachers and Bible study groups.
Major Bible Themes zipped.
It has also been added to the Braille Library.
Also, for braille files containing Chafer's "Systematic Theology" check the Braille Library

Links to articles by and about Lewis Sperry Chafer

Chafer Article: The Crowns of Our Lord Jesus Christ
Article: The Riches of Grace in Christ Jesus
Link to 25 recorded Lectures on the Spiritual Life by Dr. Lewis Sperry Chafer.

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