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Andy Bustanoby
(C) March 12, 2005

     You've probably heard of PETA.  No, it's not People for the Eating
     of Tasty Animals.  It's People for the Ethical Treatment of
     Animals.  According to their website, they have more than 800,000
     members and a budget of $17 million, and they'd love to have you
     join them.

     PETA is against the use of animals for food, clothing, entertainment
     and medical research--not just against these things, but
     disgustingly overboard.  The extreme nature of their agenda was
     exposed by Michael Specter of the New Yorker magazine in an April
     14, 2003 article.*

     Specter reported, among other things, on the group's repulsive
     tactics.  "To protest the use of fur in the pages of Vogue, PETA
     once deposited a dead raccoon on the plate of Anna Wintour, the
     magazine's editor, while she was eating lunch at the Four Seasons in

     They even deplore the use of milk, maintaining that it causes
     cancer.  With its own version of the "Got Milk?" slogan, they put up
     a billboard with Rudy Giuliani wearing a milk mustache.  It said,
     "Got prostate cancer?  Drinking milk contributes to prostate

     They will go out of their way to vandalize the inventory of fur
     traders, manufacturers of fur products and users.  A favorite method
     is to splash fake blood on the fur.  Once they dumped buckets of
     money soaked in fake blood on audiences at the International Fur

     I'm afraid, however, that their cause is falling on a deaf ear at my
     house.  Not that we are fur users.  My only fur is a fake fur collar
     on my winter coat, and my wife owns no fur.  It's not that we're fur
     aversive.  The truth of the matter is that my wife and I are
     devoting all of our time to People for the Ethical Treatment of

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