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The Tootsie Roll That Talked
Andy Bustanoby
(C) March 19, 2005

     A talking Tootsie Roll?  You bet!  I was there, in Norwood, New

     You already know that I must have a very strange mind to come up
     with memories like this.  But the other day I was reading in my
     Bible something about sin and was reminded of the verse that says,
     ". . . be sure that your sin will find you out" (Numbers 32:23).  It
     was a warning to two tribes of Israel that if they failed to fulfill
     a certain promise, their sin would grab them unexpectedly, take them
     by surprise and demand atonement.  It brought back a memory of
     something that happened when I was about ten-years old.

     A couple of brothers whom I played with lived in the neighborhood.
     One was about eight, and the older one was my age.  I had made a bet
     with the older brother (I can't remember what about), and the wager
     was a Tootsie Roll.

     I won the bet, but for some reason, the older brother didn't deliver
     the wager.  He sent his younger brother with it.  I think his name
     was Billy.

     "Here's the Tootsie Roll my brother owed you," he said.

     I looked at it and noticed the paper was a bit crumpled.  When I
     unwrapped it I saw something strange about it.  Tootsie Rolls have
     grooves in them so you can break them and eat them piece by piece.
     The grooves were almost gone, and the Tootsie Roll looked
     suspiciously thin.  And worse, both ends were wet.  Then I realized
     what had happened.

     "Billy, you've been sucking on this Tootsie Roll!"  The look on his
     face told me that it was true.

     "I don't want this thing after you've been sucking on it," I said.
     And with that, Billy grabbed the Tootsie Roll out of my hand, popped
     it into his mouth, and ran off, knowing that he was in big trouble.
     I guess he figured that since he already was in trouble, he might as
     well go all the way.

     Looking back on this today, I'm reminded of something that I've been
     guilty of, and I'm sure most of my readers also.  We may be too
     conscience bound to flagrantly sin.  But even the Bible says that
     sin can be pleasurable--for a season.  Though we have no intention
     of carrying out a sin, sometimes the pleasure of a particular sin
     makes us roll the idea around in our minds.  We're not going to eat
     the Tootsie Roll.  We just want to taste it without getting into
     trouble with it.

     How many times have you intended not to get into trouble, but you
     have?  I like the way the Septuagint (Greek Version of the Old
     Testament) reads:  "Your sin will seize you and take you by
     surprise!"  Just like Billy, sometimes our sin speaks up, takes us
     by surprise,  and we decide that we might as well run off with the
     Tootsie Roll.

     The next time you're attracted by a NO NO, don't think you can savor
     it by letting it roll around in your head.  Take it from this old
     man--that's no way to lick the sin problem.

                                    # # #

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