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What On Earth Do You Think You're Doing!?
Andy Bustanoby
(C) April 9, 2005

     Charlie has had a rough three months.  You've met Charlie in my
     blogs before(1-1 & 1-29-05).  He's my big twenty-two pound Coon
     Cat.  Here's what happened.

   When cold weather began to set in last fall, I didn't want to jog
   outside, so I resorted to my treadmill inside.  The first day I used
   it, Charlie really got mad at me.  His morning routine is to do what
   cats were made to do--eat and sleep.  When I started on the treadmill,
   the noise shattered his plans to nap.

   He came storming into the room where I was exercising, looked at my
   walking furiously and getting nowhere while making a great deal of
   noise.  He then looked me in the eye, and with a scowl on his face, he
   let out a loud RAHOW!  No, it wasn't a polite meow, as in, May I ask
   what you are doing?  It was an angry, What on earth do you think you're
   doing!?  After fussing at me, he stalked out of the room and stood by
   the door muttering his protestations out loud and remonstrating with my
   wife.  Yes, cats can remonstrate.

   Funny how my mind works.  I thought of Job.  You remember the story in
   the Book of Job.  God permitted Satan to physically and emotionally
   afflict Job.  From chapters three to thirty-seven Job laments his
   suffering.  He basically was saying, God, what on earth do you think
   you're doing!?

   God finally answers Job in chapters thirty-eight through forty-one.
   His reply was essentially, Job, I know what I'm doing.  I didn't need
   your advice when I created the world, and I don't need your advice now.

   To Job's credit, his humble reply in chapter forty-two was, in essence,
   God, even though I don't understand, I know you love me and know that
   You know what you're doing.

   I thought about this today as I was working out on the treadmill.
   Charlie seems to have accepted what's going on.  I'm thinking that,
   perhaps, after living with me for thirteen years, he knows that I love
   him.  And even though he still doesn't understand what I'm doing, he
   has decided that, at least,  I know what I'm doing.

                                    # # #

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