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Mount Zion Gazette
Andy Bustanoby
(C) April 23, 2005

     25 March - Dateline Jerusalem.  "The End of the Way"

     It's a sad day for the Jesus people.  The leader of a small band of
     religionists, Jesus by name, who vexed the Sanhedrin and Caiaphas,
     was crucified today at Golgotha.  His mother and a few disciples
     were present.

     What an end to a strange story.  Nobody can say who this Jesus was
     the son of.  Mary, his mother, says the father was not Joseph, her
     husband.  And to make matters even more bizarre, this Jesus claims
     to be the son of God.

     As if that were not enough to portend the sad ending of this
     enterprise, after three years of itinerant preaching, this Jesus
     winds up with only twelve disciples.  And one of them, Judas by
     name, betrayed the whereabouts of Jesus to the authorities who
     arrested him.

     Only twelve followers in three years and one drop out?  That's a
     failure rate of better than eight percent.  Not very promising.

     Rumors that Jesus was a miracle-worker are scorned by the clergy of
     Jerusalem.  They maintain that even if any of the miracles were
     genuine, they were done by the power of Satan.

     No one is quite sure what to call this small band of followers.
     Some have laughingly begun to call them The Way because Jesus kept
     referring to himself as the way.  He was once heard to say, "I am
     the way, the truth and the life.  No man comes to the father [God]
     except by me."

     Yes, it's a sad end for these simple fishermen and the despised
     tax-collector who followed Jesus.  Simple-minded folk were they.
     They'd have to believe in the resurrection of the dead to see a
     future in this.

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