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NOW? When and Where?
Andy Bustanoby
(C) April 30, 2005

     Whatever became of NOW, the National Organization for Women?  Back
     in the last century I used to hear a lot about them, but I haven't
     heard anything in the news for some time.  In fact, I had to look
     them up on Google to see if they're still around.

     Ah, yes.  Here they are.

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                     Tell Democrats to Stand for Women's Rights!

                     Feminists and progressives must speak out to stop
                     Democratic Party from becoming "Republican-lite" on
                     women's issues and undermining its own women

     When I read this I thought, Democrats stand for women's rights?
     Hey, NOW, where were you on women's rights in Afghanistan?  Where
     were you on women's rights in Iraq?

     I seem to remember that it was a Republican named George W. Bush who
     did something about women's rights over there--along with a few
     other major problems.

     Of course you couldn't go to Afghanistan or Iraq and work for the
     cause of women there.  You might make George W. look good.  Perish
     the thought!  No self-respecting Democrat could do that.  Why, you
     might sound like a Zell Miller!

     The women of Africa could really use your help.  Countless women and
     children are dying of AIDS.  Perhaps a few gutsy American women can
     go over their and do something.  No?

     Oh, I think I get it.  NOW  is just interested in American women's

     You say I'm wrong.  You are showing your concern for women around
     the world?  I didn't know.  Your PR people are falling down on the
     job.  Tell me, NOW, when and where are you doing this?

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