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The Purpose Driven Temple
Andy Bustanoby
(C) May 7, 2005

     I was reading the Old Testament prophecy of Zechariah, and after
     reading chapter four, I had a fantasy of author Rick Warren (The
     Purpose Driven Church) consulting with the prophet Zechariah.  It
     went something like this:

         "So, Zack," Rick Warren began. "Did you share with Jehovah our
     talk about the temple?"
         "Well . . . , yes.
         "You seem hesitant, Zack.   Did you tell Him why I think you're
     getting opposition about rebuilding the temple?"
         "Yes, I did, but . . ."
         Rick, interrupting, said: "You've got to get it through your
     head that when people look at the foundation you've laid, they're
     going to compare it to Solomon's Temple.  Now that was a temple!
     You may not like to hear it, but times have changed.  Bigger is
         Zechariah replied: "I told Jehovah all that you said, but from
     the tone of His voice, He didn't seem to like it."
         "What did He say?"
         "He said, 'Who despises the day of small things?'"
         "What did you say?"
         "I told Him, 'Rick Warren.'"
         Rick frowned.  "Now, you didn't have to go and tell Him that!
     Look, Zack.  It's more than just bigness.  I'm talking about putting
     together something that's user friendly, that makes people feel
     good.  For example, you're talking about reinstituting blood
     sacrifice.  People don't like to hear about that any more.  You can
     talk about sacrifice, but not blood sacrifice--and needing it to
     cover their sins?"
         Zechariah sighed and looked away.  Rick leaned forward and
     pressed his point.  "You need to understand how to deal with
     controversial things.  You're going to run into people with
     different ideas.   You need to understand the principle of
     dialectics.  You advance a thesis, the opposition advances an
     antithesis, and you come up with a synthesis--a compromise.  Zack,
     this is the future, and you need to have a vision of the future!"
         Zechariah's face was now very somber.  He looked sad.  After a
     few moments of quietness he looked at Rick and said, "Mr. Warren, I
     know something about visions.  I saw a vision of a golden oil
     lampstand with seven lamps on it.  An olive tree was standing at
     each side of it feeding oil to the lights through seven channels--an
     endless flow of oil.  The seven lamps were the eyes of Jehovah
     looking back and forth over all the earth."
         The prophet paused.  Tears filled his eyes; he had difficulty
     speaking.  Finally, he said:  "Then I understood what the vision
     meant when Jehovah said, 'This is the word of Jehovah unto
     Zerubabel, saying, Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit,
     saith Jehovah of hosts.'"
         Rick looked puzzled.  He asked:  "Zechariah, what is the meaning
     of that vision?"
         The prophet smiled and said:  "Mr. Warren, it means that we
     don't need a purpose driven temple.  We need a Spirit led temple.

                                    # # #

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