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Eye Problems In Washington
Andy Bustanoby
(C) May 14, 2005

     Tom DeLay, Republican House Majority Leader, R-Texas, has been
     getting a lot of attention from Democrats for ethics violations.
     Probably feeding frenzy would be a better description. Well, let's
     put on our scuba gear and get under the surface and see who's doing

     Let's start with House Minority Leader, Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif. It
     seems that she took an "adviser's" nine-day, $4,475 junket to Spain
     and Germany last April, a trip primarily paid for by a nonprofit
     transportation-research organization Pelosi had helped to secure
     Federal Transit Administration monies, according to a report in the
     Washington Times. The report said that the president of
     WestStart-CALSTART also gave money to Pelosi's political action
     committee at the same time.

     But, as they say in reporting, this is just the tip of that frozen
     mountain of ice floating in the ocean that sank the Lusitania.
     According to the LA Times, at least 39 members of Congress
     [Republicans and Democrats] have engaged in the controversial
     practice of paying their spouses, children or other relatives out of
     campaign funds, or have hired companies in which a family member had
     a financial interest.

     Yeah, probably Tom DeLay has something in his eye that needs
     attention. He's not seeing clearly.

     But I'm reminded of something that Jesus said in Matthew 7:1-5 about
     getting something in your eye. Hey, you people in Congress. You've
     got eye problems. No, it's not a chip of wood. It looks more like a
     beam or a log.

     I'm afraid that you need more than a doctor's care. You really need
     a team of lumberjacks to come in and clean house (and senate).

     Which makes me think--do any of you know of a company that does
     logging at a reasonable price?

                                    # # #

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