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The Parable of the Short Legs
Andy Bustanoby
(C) June 11, 2005

     I was sitting out on the outdoor deck at home watching the beautiful
     goldfinch at the birdfeeders, and meditating.  I was feeling very

     One little finch, obviously thirsty, flew down to the nearby bird
     bath. He needed water.  But the water was low. He couldn't reach
     it.  His little legs didn't permit him to bend far enough from the
     edge of the bath to get the water.  He hopped all around the edge of
     the container, but nowhere could he find someplace where he could
     reach the water.  He finally flew off.

     Feeling sorry for the little guy, I got up and filled the bath to
     the top with water so he would have no problem reaching it and went
     back to the deck to watch and meditate.  I was still feeling low.
     Then it hit me.

     If I, a mere man, can feel sorry for a bird with short legs who
     can't reach the water, cannot an omnipotent God, fill my life with
     the fullness of Christ to where I can reach what I thirst for?  Come
     back, little bird.

                                    # # #

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