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B-Flat Please
Andy Bustanoby
(C) July 23, 2005

     In my 5/21/05 blog I wrote about my desire to be a professional
     pianist.  The Lord had other plans.  But I have fond memories of
     playing the piano in a dance band.

     Whenever we were going to play a gig, it was my responsibility to
     give the band a B-Flat on the piano to get their instruments tuned
     up.  Of course, if we were an orchestra with strings,  we would tune
     up to A (that being an open string).

     Beautiful music requires a band that's in tune.  But why did we tune
     to the B-Flat on the piano?  It's the way brass and woodwind
     instruments are made.  They are B-Flat instruments.  This means that
     when they match the piano's B-Flat, they are in tune.  Each
     instrument can, and must, make adjustments until it is in tune with
     the piano.  There is no debate as to what it means to be in tune
     with each other.  There is a fundamental point of agreement.

     I thought of this while listening to the news today.  I finally got
     tired of hearing the cacaphony of reporters and talking heads with
     their "fair and balanced debate" over the president's speech on the
     war against terrorism.  I don't know if it's just because I'm
     getting old, but the sound seems to be getting more and more out of

     American culture has the idea that truth is relative.  If that is
     so, there's no such thing as being in tune with each other on the
     basis of fact.   It's almost as though the greater the dissonance,
     the greater the evidence that we're making beautiful music!

     Ah, but I have not given up hope.   Paul, writing to the
     Thessalonians about the second coming of Christ, prays for Jesus
     Christ to encourage them.

     The day* is coming when The Maestro will finally stop this noise.
     When He is done with His foes at Armageddon, He will put this
     dissonant world in tune.  I see Him step on stage, call for silence,
     and say, "Piano, B-Flat please."

     *2 Thessalonians 2:1-17

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