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Where Is My Mate; Where Is My Nest?
Andy Bustanoby
(C) September 24, 2005

     I live on a tributary of the Chesapeake Bay.  Practically every day
     I take a cruise on my boat.  One of the things I love to do is watch
     the osprey and listen to music on my boat CD.

     Osprey frequent our area, and this is the season for raising and
     fledging their little ones to migrate when the fall comes.  The
     osprey love to build their nests on high channel markers that are
     secure from predators.

     For the past few weeks I've noticed a female on a channel marker
     without a nest, and when I pass her, she fusses at me, and then
     flies away.  I've been wondering where her mate is.  They should
     have their nest by now, and she should be sitting on her eggs.  This
     just contributed to the emotions I was feeling as I cruised.

     We had a tragic accident in our town.  A woman lost her husband, a
     police officer, on their sixth anniversary.  I was thinking about
     her, feeling very teary.  When the osprey shouted at me, I wept.  I
     felt she was screaming, Where's my mate; where's my nest?  And then
     to top it off, my CD started to play, Everybody Needs Somebody

     This week, I am going to talk to this new widow.  What can I say?
     Several times before, in this blog, I have confessed my inability to
     explain what God is doing.

     All I know is this.  Either God is God of all or He is not God at
     all.  My only comfort is that which came to Job.  We may not know
     what He's doing, but God knows what He's doing.

                                    # # #

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