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"FW: FW: Stop The Fiction"
Andy Bustanoby
(C) October 8, 2005

     The forwarded fiction keeps coming, in spite of my blog on 6-4-05, "I
     Got Some Leaven In My E-Mail."  This time it was about the price of
     gasoline and what we should do about it.  The exact letter was
     debunked over a year ago by (Urban Legends).

     The thing that bothers me is that my mailing list is made up mostly
     of Christians, and Christians are circulating fiction and "urban
     legends" to each other without checking them out.  Do you know that
     non-Christians are doing the same thing with the subject of
     "religion," and often, Christianity in particular?  I just checked
     "religion" in and found twenty-five false statements
     being circulated under "religion."

     When we do this, we give credence to the unbeliever's assertion that
     we Christians are easily hoaxed--the biggest ones being our belief
     in the Bible and Christianity.   This is my "FW: FW:" to you to stop
     the fiction.  Check it out first with or  Don't give the impression that Christians don't check
     out the truth.

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