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Andy Bustanoby
(C) November 30, 2009

   At one time or another we all have made terrible mistakes. The Federal 
   Government has given us an excellent example of how to do it and get away 
   with it. What you must do is use big words and keep a straight face. 
   Let me give you an example.

   Right now the government is borrowing money in the trillions of dollars. 
   Are they worried about the debt? Not at all. Those who are involved sit in 
   front of the camera, and when questioned about the debt they keep a 
   straight face and say, "We are monetizing the debt." 

   Most of us don't know what the word "monetize" means, and when it is 
   spoken calmly, with a straight face by a top federal official, it must 
   mean that they have our debt under control. 

   But monitizing the debt is just another way of saying, "Let's print more 
   money to cover it." According to the government, we don't have trillions 
   of dollars of debt. They have printed more money to cover it--over 100% 
   more has been printed in the past year. 

   Doesn't that do the job? Not at all. What it does is lower the value of 
   the American dollar--which now is approaching 30% less in value. The 
   result of that is inflation--our food and shelter costing us more. If 
   something was worth a dollar years ago, it will cost about $1.30 now.

   One African nation that has done this over the years now has worthless 
   money. It's just a lot of paper.

   The result for Americans will be a cost of living speeding far ahead of 
   the money we make. Our comfortable style of living will be a thing of the 
   past, simply because of inflation. 

   Most of my blogs have been on spiritual themes. Though we have a 
   responsibility as citizens to bring our government under control, we do 
   have a power that is beyond our government. The Apostle Paul says:

     My God will meet all your needs according to His glorious riches in 
     Christ Jesus (Phil. 4:19).

   The gift of Christ our Savior is the greatest gift God has given. It is 
   according to this glorious standard that He will meet our needs. But 
   remember, He is talking about needs, not fat living. 

                                   # # #

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