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The Original Coverup
Bob Rathbun
(C) 2007

It is always good to have your sin covered, but be careful who does the
covering.  In Genesis 3:7 Adam and Eve made aprons of fig leaves with
which to cover their nakedness.  These were unacceptable to God, and God
made them coverings of animal skins (Genesis 3:21), necessitating the
death of the animal.  Thus, God was teaching them that without the
shedding of blood there isno forgiveness (Leviticus 17:11, Hebrews
9:22).  All the shedding of animal blood down through the centuries
before Jesus simply pointed to the fact that one day the Son of God
would shed His blood for the remission of sins (Matthew 26:28, I Peter
1:18-19).  Blood sacrifices could only be offered at the tabernacle, and
later at the temple at Jerusalem.  As all the blood sacrifices pointed
to Jesus, once Jesus died for our sins, there was no more need for blood
sacrifices to be offered.  Nevertheless, the Jews continued to offer
their sacrifices, so God put a stop to it.  Within a generation after
Jesus' death, the temple at Jerusalem was destroyed by the Romans (70
A.D.), and no blood sacrifice has been offered since, for there has been
no Jewish temple at Jerusalem since.

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