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Grandma's Boy
Bob Rathbun
(C) 2007

An interesting story is found in 2 Chronicles chapter 22 and 24:17-22.
king Ahaziah of Judah was the son of the wicked Athaliah.  When Ahaziah
died, Athaliah decided to kill all the seed royal and make herself
queen.  Had she succeeded, she would have wiped out the genealogical
line of Messiah.  At any rate, she killed all but Joash.  King Ahaziah's
sister was married to Jehoiada, the high priest.  She was able to gain
entrance to the palace and rescue the infant Joash before he could be
killed.  He was the only remaining Jew who had a right to the throne of
Judah.  Jehoiada and Jehoshabeath, Joash's uncle and aunt,  raised Joash
together with their own son, Zechariah.  At age 7 Joash was made king
and Queen Athaliah was put to death.  As long as Jehoiada was alive,
King Joash made good decisions, but as soon as Jehoiada died,  Joash was
influenced by bad companions and went astray.  When Zechariah rebuked
the king for this behaviour, Joash ordered him put to death by stoning.
Thus the ingratitude of king Joash can be seen by all (2 Chronicles
24:22). When speaking of the wickedness of Jerusalem, Jesus referred to
this incident (Matthew 23:34-35).

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