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Snipits of poetry
Bob Rathbun
(C) 2007

          Redeeming the Time

     I have only just a minute,
     Just sixty seconds in it;
     Forced upon me--can't refuse it,
     Didn't seek it, didn't choose it;
     I must suffer if I lose it,
     Give account if I abuse it;
     Just a tiny little minute,
     But eternity is in it.



            By Alfred Toole

     It'S very strange that rain on Sunday
     Seems so much wetter than on Monday,
     And weekday pains that we ignore
     On Sundays seem to hurt much more;
     Till we decide to stay in bed,
     When we should go to church instead.



     When as a child I laughed and wept--time crept.
     When as a youth I dreamed and talked--time walked.
     When I became a full-grown man--time ran.
     When older still I daily grew--time flew.
     Soon I shall find in trav'lling on--time gone.


     When I enter that beautiful city,
     And the saved all around me appear,
     I hope that someone will tell me,
     "It was you who invited me here."


               Life is short,
               Death is sure;
               Sin the cause,
               Christ the cure.


     Said the robin to the sparrow,
     "I should really like to know
     Why these anxious human beings
     Rush about and worry so."

     Said the sparrow to the robin,
     "Friend, I think that it must be
     That they have no heavenly Father
     Such as cares for you and me."


               To dwell above
               With saints we love
               Would certainly be glory;
               But to dwell below
               With saints we know,
               My! That's a different story.


     When small men cast long shadows,
     The sun is sinking fast.
     When wrong is enthroned
     And the truth is in shackles,
     The day is almost past.


     To get his wealth he spent his health
     And then with might and main,
     He turned around and spent his wealth
     To get his health again.


          Thank God for dirty dishes;
          They have a tale to tell;
          While others may go hungry,
          We are eating well.

          With Home, Health and Happiness,
          I shouldn't want to fuss;
          For by the stack of evidence
          God's very good to us.


          Excerpt from: But for God's Grace

          Which reminds me of a story
          Part of which I now repeat
          About the man who had no shoes
          And the one who had no feet.


               Only one life,
               'Twill soon be past--
               Only what's done
               For Christ will last.


     A traveler crossed a frozen stream
     In trembling fear one day,
     Later a teamster drove across
     And whistled all the way.
     Great and little faith alike
     Were granted safe convoy;
     But one had pangs of needless fear;
     The other all the joy.


     From: "A Caution to Stir Up to Watch Against Sin

                    By John Bunyan

     Fools make a mock of sin; they will not believe
     It carries such a dagger in its sleeve.
     "How can it be," they say, "that such a thing
     So full of sweetness should ever wear a sting?"
     They know not that it is the very spell
     Of sin, to make men laugh themselves to hell.


          John Wesley's Rule

     "Do all the good you can,
     By all the means you can,
     In all the ways you can,
     In all the places you can,
     At all the times you can,
     To all the people you can,
     As long as ever you can."



            By P. A. Langvand

     Every now and then we meet
     Traffic signals in the street,
     Some give warning to go slow,
     Some tell when to stop and go.

     And the haughty and the great
     Or the man of low estate,
     Saint and sinner, poor and rich--
     Does not matter which is which--
     One and all must needs obey
     What the iron post may say.

     If folks obeyed the God of hosts
     As they obey these iron posts--!

                                      * * *

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