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A blind Pastor's Potpourri of 40+ years in service to his Lord
Bob Rathbun
(C) 2007

   Two marks of a Christian: giving and forgiving.

   Bad habits are like a comfortable bed: easy to get into, but hard to
   get out of.

   The significance of what we do lies in whom we do it for.

   It's strange how people love to sow their wild oats and then pray for
   a crop failure (Galatians 6:7).

   Forbidden fruit always leaves a bitter aftertaste.

   Too many people are ready to carry the stool when there's a piano to
   be moved.

   If you're not doing anything with your life, it doesn't matter how
   long it is.

 * Here is one that makes us ponder
   And for the answer vainly search,
   If "absence makes the heart grow fonder,"
   How some folks must love the church.

 * Don't vote to close the doors of your church by not attending!

 * "I looked for the church and found it in the world;
   I looked for the world and found it in the church."--Dr. Bonar.

  * Going into a church doesn't make you a Christian--
   any more than going into a chicken coop makes you a chicken.


          Favorite Christian writers:

     Theology:  Lewis Sperry Chafer

     Devotional:  Richard Baxter

     Spiritually Challenging:  Aiden Wilson Tozer

     Bible Doctrine:  Reynal Showers

     Bible teacher:  Herbert Lockyer

                                      * * *

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