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The Six Dots of Creation
Bob Rathbun
(C) 2007

You may find it helpful in remembering what went on during the six days
of creation if you think of the Braille cell.  It consists of six dots:
top to bottom on the lefthand side of the cell are dots 1, 2 and 3; top
to bottom on the righthand side of the cell are dots 4, 5 and 6.  This
places dots 1 and 4 opposite each other; dots 2 and 5 opposite each
other; and dots 3 and 6 opposite each other.

Now if you think of these six dots as representing the six days of
creation, we have the following:

On day 1 God created light, and on day 4 He created the lightbearers
(sun, moon and stars.)  On day 2 God separated the sky from the water
below, and on day 5 he populated the sky with birds and the water below
with fish.  On day 3 God separated the land and grew vegetation, while
on day 6 He populated the land with animals and then with man.

                                      * * *

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