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Many of the older recordings were copied from tape and not always of the highest quality. However, the content has quality and it is hoped that you will receive value as you listen. Some messages also have document versions as well.

BABINC Index of Recorded Messages

Click here to listen to messages recorded at the annual Bartimaeus Bible Conferences.

Click here to listen to Pastor H. LaVern Schafer teaching The Christian Life Series and more from the Evening School of the Bible, 1980's, Valley Baptist, Cherry Grove, Oregon.

Click here to find 81 studies in Revelation by Dr. H. LaVern Schafer, Th.D.

Click here to listen to 12 Evening School of the Bible classes from 2004 for Wives and children of Dispensational Theological Seminary students on the subject of Grace Communication or Prayer taught by Pastor David Spurbeck.

Click here to listen to a series of messages on The Twelve Pauline Mysteries by Chris Camilli, Associate Pastor of Valley Baptist Church, Cherry Grove, Oregon.

Click here to listen to a series on the Book of Colossians by Chris Camilli, Associate Pastor of Valley Baptist Church, Cherry Grove, Oregon.

Click here to find the audio for the Passive Voice Verbs and Grace Salvation Series --
You will find this new, ongoing series of messages developed around the passive voice verbs related to grace salvation to be instructive and a great encouragement.

Click here to listen to "The Gospel and Spiritual Growth" by Pastor David K. Spurbeck, sr., Th.M., 2001; a series of Sunday messages.
You may also be interested in checking out the Gospel Monographs on the Public Domain page.

Click here to listen to many more recorded messages from forums sponsored by the Dispensational Theological Seminary, Cherry Grove, Oregon. Mailing address: Dispensational Theological Seminary, P.O. 99, Gaston, OR 97119.
Click here to listen to messages on the Valley Baptist website.

Click here to listen to the 2015 messages recorded at the Grace Bible Church of Titusville, FL.

Click here to go to the home page of Grace Teaching where you will find many recorded sermons by Tim Holscher and other speakers at Bible Conferences held in the First Baptist Church of Royal City, WA.

Click here to listen to 25 recorded Lectures on the Spiritual Life by Dr. Lewis Sperry Chafer.

Click here to download J. Vernon McGee's complete commentary by-the-book all numbered to play in proper order. Also includes Dan Wagner reading the chapter from the KJV prior to the commentary. If you like McGee and need audio this is a treasure! It works well on the Victor Stream Reader and probably others.

Preach The Word: the home page of David Legge, the former Pastor of the Iron Hall Evangelical Church in Belfast Northern Ireland. He is now engaged in a ministry as an evangelist, preacher and Bible teacher. You will find recorded messages in .mp3 format as well as a variety of print and braille formats.

Holiness: The False and The True by Harry Allen Ironside. This book, written in 1912, details the author's early life, conversion and experience in the holiness environment of the Salvation Army. Part II of the book provides a doctrinal overview of holiness and the holiness movement. This zip file contains the book in 17 .mp3 files. It was recorded using Textaloud and the AT&G voice, Mike.