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Here you will find links to people who have something to say about their Christian faith and how it works itself out in the every day experiences of life. Hopefully you will learn as you sometimes laugh, sometimes cry, and sometimes shake your head in wonder.


Click here to meet Pastor Bob Rathbun Blind pastor and Bible teacher

David Legge Home Page: Preach The Word: David is the former Pastor of the Iron Hall Evangelical Church in Belfast Northern Ireland. He is now engaged in a ministry as an evangelist, preacher and Bible teacher. You will find recorded messages in .mp3 format as well as a variety of print and braille formats.

Follow this link to get acquainted with the musings of Andy Bustanoby: Retired pastor and Christian Counselor

THE LORD IS HER LIGHT -- Contentment Comes Despite Challenges -- A feature article on Charlene Pickett from the Muskogee, Oklahoma Phoenix

Janet Perez Eckles: This link takes you to the About page of this gifted blind Christian woman. From there you can explore the remainder of her website and read many of her writings.

Wendy Bagwell relates a story about "Seeing Eye Dogs" and a yellow cat at this link One of Phil Scovell's favorite audios.

Joanna's Journey: Here you will read about the major life change for Joanna Christiansen; how her Pastor, parents and friends have rallied to her support, and her initial thoughts as written by Joanna herself.
Joanna's second writing, March 1, 2009.
Journey Sitings by Mom, Family and pastor
Joanna writes #3, March 10, 2009
Joanna's Journey into April: March 16, 21, and April 2, 2009
HEADLINE, one year later: Former RIO patient is living life to the fullest

From South of the Border

Arlene Hendriks reports on her mission to Bogot and work with Wycliffe missionaries and the Filadelfia School for deaf and deaf-blind youths.
March 22, 2009 Report. May 3, 2009 Colombia Update: Time to Leave
March 8, 2014: BREAKING NEWS

Pastor Barry Carver's Personal Testimony. You will also find over 50 messages on his website. Check out the Other Links Page.
Mariah Carver God's Shining Miracle. Barry tells the true story of how his daughter, Mariah, was attacked by a pack of pit bulls and her no less than miraculous, by the grace of God, recovery.

Fanny Crosby: Blind Hymn Writer
Click here to find and read a poem written by Frances Rigley Havergal to Fanny Crosby.

George Matheson: Blind Scottish Preacher

Jennifer McGregor co-created Public Health Library to write about health and wellness topics and to create a forum for sharing reputable health and medical information. She knows how difficult it can be to sift through health info on the web, and wants to change that. See her page here.

Pastor Mike Martin is legally blind, and was ordained by his home church, Bethel Baptist Church in Escondido, California, on March 6, 2016.

It is expected that more personalities will be added to this page in the near future.